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Convito Market carries wines from almost every one of Italy's 20 regions, and now carries wine from other countries around the world and the U.S. We have specialized in Italian wines since 1980 and have received numerous awards for our excellence in selection and service. In 1983, Convito won membership in the prestigious Vinarius Wine Society of Italy as "Outstanding Italian Wine Shop". Convito was awarded the "Vide Award" in 1985 for outstanding achievement in fostering a better understanding and appreciation of Italian wines. We were one of five retail stores in the world to receive this award and one of only two shops in America.

Our new Market includes a boutique selection of wines from our favorite winemakers and producers around the globe.

Convito Wine Happenings

We feature a different wine from a different country every month, at a discounted rate.

We taste out several wines every Saturday.

We host several wine tastings and dinners throughout the year. They are usually in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Over 30 wines are tasted, and we offer delicious hors d'oeuvres. These fun tastings are great ways to educate yourself about wine, and have a great time too! The price ranges from $20-$35 per person. 15% off wines tasted during the tasting.

We offer a 10% discount on cases, and 15% off all wines during our Ides of March Sale (11 days), Summer Sale, Fall Sale (11 days) and at all of our tastings.

Wine Services

We offer a large selection of wines to our dining-in cafe customers who would like to browse through the market, and bring a bottle to the table. There is only a $7.00 corkage fee on top of the retail price of wine purchased in our wine shop. We can order any wine our customers want by the case, or sometimes even by the bottle only. We aim to service the needs of our customers - and if one of them would like us to find a wine for them, we do!

We ship wine (to states that allow it), and can deliver locally through a messenger service (if legal I.D. is shown upon purchase).

We have the ability to taste out many different wines if a customer is interested due to the fact we have 10-15 wines open every day for our cafe or market.

We have detailed descriptions of almost ALL of the over 250 wines we carry. This is helpful to our customers in order to allow them to choose the best wine for their needs.

We have a value section of wines along the wall which includes carefully selected wines that taste great and are easy on the pocketbook.

We make beautiful wine gift crates or baskets or all different sizes, and are willing to add any descriptions or recipe pairings if desired.

To be on our wine mailing list, please email or call 847.251.3654 or sign up in our store.

Italian Wine Guide


Perhaps Italy's most widely known wine normally made from a blend of grapes principally Sangiovese. These wines can vary in style from light and fruity to rich and complex and rank among the finest of Italy's reds. Lighter styles are ideal with pizza and simple tomato sauce pastas. The more complex and elegant styles will hold their own with beef and lamb dishes and more elegant preparations.


Traditionally, one of Italy's biggest red wines, Barolo is considered by many to be one of the world's greatest reds. Made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes from a strictly limited zone in the Langhe Hills near Alba, Piemonte. This is the wine for special occasion dinners, robust roasts, game, full-flavored cheeses.


Similar to Barolo, Barbaresco is also made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes from a zone only a few miles away from the Barolo areas. Barbaresco is a slightly more delicate wine than Barolo but is appropriate for the same dishes.

Super Tuscans

A name given by wine journalists to this category of red wines from Tuscany which often involve barrique aging of Sangiovese, Cabernet and Merlot blends or a variation on that theme. These tend to be elegant Bordeaux-style wines appropriate for rare grilled meats, elegant pasta dishes and cheeses.


This category includes some of the traditional famous Tuscan wines such as Brunellos, Vino Nobile and other less well known appellations. Appropriate with beef, lamb and wild game.

Sparkling & Dessert Wines

Dry champagne-style wines, delicately sweet Moscatos, traditional Vin Santos, and a range of dessert wines. Depending on the wine, appropriate for fruits, desserts and just sipping.

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