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Convito to celebrate
National Panini & Sandwich Month
August 2019

Convito CafÈ & Market

In the Café Celebrate the hot, melty sandwich on a beautiful August day at lunchtime

Monday-Saturdays 11:30am–3pm

Buy 1 Panini Special, 2nd One Half Off

A little history: A precursor of panini appeared in a 16th-century Italian cookbook but didn't become popular until the1980s when Italian hipster types who hung out in coffee & panini bars were known as "paninari" who revolted against the drabness of urban culture with colorful Italian fashion & a taste for fast food & "caferacer" motorcycles. The British pop group Pet Shop Boys even recorded a song, Paniniaro, celebrating the paninari culture.

• discount ONLY on panini special of the day
• dine-in only, Not for take out

In the Market Celebrate America's favorite lunch

Monday-Fridays 11:00am–3pm

15% Off All 'Convito' Sandwiches

A little history: The basic concept of the sandwich long predates the Earl of Sandwich, the real-life 18th-century aristocrat who reportedly loved them, & gave them their modern name. The ancient Jewish sage Hillel the Elder is said to have wrapped lamb-meat & bitter herbs between two pieces of matzoh during Passover. Early versions of the "wrap" have also been found in Asia and Africa. The sandwich grew in popularity among aristocrats in the 18th century.

• discount only on convito menu, no custom sandwiches

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